11. Codegen

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To kick off this season of Fatal Error, Chris and Soroush discuss code generation in Swift: what, why, and how?

10. Why This All Matters

Chris and Soroush spent the last 18 weeks discussing the things they think are important to consider in building software. In the final episode of Fatal Error Season 1, they make the case for why it's important to think about these concepts — and just as crucially, how to use technical debt effectively.

9. Getting Started with Testing

8. Domain-Driven Design

6. Singletons

Singletons get a bad rap. Why? Should you use them in your application? And if you've inherited several of them, what should you do?

5. Reactive Programming

This week, Chris and Soroush finally get to the topic they've been waiting for since they started the podcast: reactive programming. Chris gives a high level intro, and they dive into Q&A.

 The Spatial/Temporal/Singular/Plural table from A General Theory of Reactivity.

The Spatial/Temporal/Singular/Plural table from A General Theory of Reactivity.

4. Promises

3. View Models, Again

After recording Episode 2, Soroush remembered some other questions about View Models. In this special episode, your hosts answer even more View Model questions.

2. View Models

In our second episode, we discuss view models.

Chris starts with a bold definition of what they are, and more importantly, what they aren't. Soroush raises some concerns he's had with view models, and Chris explains his approach. Finally, we touch on how reactive programming is related to view models.