69. (null)

This week, Chris and Soroush talk about null, the billion dollar mistake. They talk about its past, its present and maybe even its future. Nice!

enum Brain {
    case small
    case medium
    case large
    case galaxy
    case universe

Episode 70 will be a live show at WWDC

In recent episodes, we've alluded to a possible Very Special 70th Episode.

Everything came together for that episode, and we're happy to announce that we're gonna do a live show at WWDC. We're spending the last of our Patreon money to fly ourselves out there, and we've booked a small venue for the show.

Because WWDC is wall to wall with podcasts (Monday is ATP, Tuesday is The Talk Show, and Wednesday is the Relay festival), we're going to do our show late Tuesday evening after The Talk Show.

We have 40 spots available. It's free for anyone who's subscribed to our Patreon (at the $5+ level) as of June 1.

If you want to come, subscribe to our Patreon, leave a comment on this Patreon post, and we'll put you on the list. If it turns out you can't come, reply to your own comment on that post and we'll free up your spot.

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